We are passionate about following Jesus and helping others do the same.

We are a church in Pretoria who values a conversational approach to help you grow towards God. We engage hearts and minds with the relevance of Christ spiritually, socially and culturally. Skeptics and seekers welcome.

Grow towards God spiritually

Make space for one another culturally

Make an impact socially

We believe that the church needs a healthy culture of conversation.

People should not wrestle with the big questions of faith and life in isolation. That is why we value a thinking, interactive, and informal approach to ministry that will help people grow in spiritual maturity.

We provide opportunities for people to voice their questions and opinions. Our hope is that through Dialogue we can move closer to each other and the truth.

So he dialogued…
with those who happened to be there.

-Acts 17:17

We are a community that seeks
to follow in Christ’s footsteps

We engage hearts and minds with the relevance of Christ spiritually, socially and culturally.

Latest podcast episodes

Listen to our past talks. We primarily have talks done by our resident speakers. Each meeting is followed by an interactive discussion. Each year we work together with other ministries to bring international speakers to South Africa with the aim of addressing specific apologetic topics. We host debates, lectures and workshops at universities and churches across the country. 

What community means for us

Sunday gatherings




How to start the conversation

1. Come this Sunday

See for yourself who we are and what we’re about. Each sermon is followed by an interactive discussion over coffee. Sceptics and visitors welcome.

2. Find your place

Explore all of the ways that you can be connected and become a part of our community.

3. Get involved

There are many opportunities to follow Christ with us in community. Whether it is in our apologetics ministries. engaging on campus, tutoring in Mamelodi or worshipping on Sundays.

Latest articles

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to hide

At the beginning of a new year, we often set goals, dream about what we want to be and have in life, and plan new year’s resolutions of habits we would like to establish. Well, let’s say we obtain these goals – pass the course, get the job, the girl says yes, or the...



As jy beplan om Saterdag 25 November Unie-geboue toe te gaan dan is hier ʼn paar wenke: Die plaasmoorde is verskriklik en moet bekamp word. Soek oplossings om dit te verseker. Moenie net politici beskuldig nie, kom met ʼn paar voorstelle na die tafel toe. As jy ʼn...



I had the opportunity to be a part of the panel at the “Blacks only” evening organized by the Real Talk group.  The premise was that we should get people across the traditional “racial” lines to talk to each other honestly with the intention of stimulating real...